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    Telefon (050) 286-32-32 E-mail orxanchik93@gmail.com
  2. Bacarıqlar CCENT, CCNA - Configuration, maintenance and troubleshooting of networking equipment: Cisco Routers (3900, 3800, 2900, 2800 series), Cisco Switches (6500, 3850, 3750, 3560 series) - Creating and maintaining accurate and up-to-date network documentation. - Providing third tier technical support for all LAN/WAN related operations - Basic knowledge about IP telephone - Securing console/remote access of devices. - Configuring L2 technologies (voice/data vlan,trunking, etherchannel, hsrp). - Implementing cisco stackwise and VSS technologies on access and core switches, respectively. - Securing devices using features: DAI, DHCP Snooping, Port-security, BPDU-guard. - Configuring BGP and L3 etherchannel between core switches and routers. - Configuring UPSs for management over SNMP. - Troubleshooting networking problems occur in the venues. Təhsil Orta texniki 2016 - 2017 NTCenter: Network Training Center Cisco CCENT, CCNA courses 2011-2015 Baku Oil-Energetic College of Azerbaijan State Oil and Industrial University Department – Oil and Gas Processing Degree - Sub-Bachelor İş təcrübəsi 1 ildən aşağı 2015 - 2017 “Nobel Ilac” Position – Representative 2011 - 2015 “Asfarma Azerbaijan” Position – Representative Əlavə məlumat - Excellent Communication & Negotiations skills & capability to adapt to a variety of audiences, including Business Executives and Senior Board Members; - Ability to efficiently manage multiple activities of varying complexity while under tight deadlines and high levels of stress; - Excellent capability in problem solving/conflict resolution/negotiations; - Strong work ethics with a true desire to succeed; - Open-minded; - Highly flexible and adaptable; - Good team player at the same time as capable of working with minimal or no supervision emotionally-intelligent management of human resources; - Effective coaching, training and presentation skills. Good listener; - Good abilities in planning/monitoring; - Analytical thinking & result-oriented; - Proven ability to coordinate business activities and improve daily communication between different parties involved in complex situations; - Commitment to customer service and customer satisfaction.